How to Get the Most Out of GLV

I truly hope that you’ll enjoy watching the videos presented on GLV. Besides the pure entertainment and enjoyment factor, I also hope that you’ll learn something from all the masters and that you get inspired to practice and improve your own playing.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get more out of all the material presented on GLV.

Search Box

If you are looking for a specific video/article use the search box. No click-bait nonsense a la “He uses 7 fret-melting playing techniques – you won’t believe #4.” If you are into that kind of stuff, I fear GLV will be a disappointment to you.

I follow this naming convention: guitar legend/artist name – song title.
For example: Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze or Joe Satriani – Flying In a Blue Dream.

For the Classical stuff I also include the composer into the title: guitar legend/artist name – song title – composer name.
Ana Vidovic – Estudio 1 – Villa-Lobos

Occasionally, I add some short “extra” information at the end to help differentiate between multiple versions like in this case: Dominic Miller – Shape of My Heart – Duet with Sting.

So, just by entering a guitarist’s/composer’s name or a specific song title into the search box you should get all results quickly and easily.


All the videos are placed into a category, and one single category only. This makes it more difficult for me, because there are a lot of tracks where it is really hard to make a clear style determination.

Those categorizations are not set in stone. I might add sub-categories once enough videos are accumulated to warrant a more granular categorization. Anyways, you can browse by categories to find videos that are at least related in style.

Tags (Coming Soon)

Use the tags to discover connections – click on a tag and find all the other videos that share the same playing technique or musical concept. This is great for:

  • diving into a topic like sweeping, tapping, etc.
  • to see how different guitarists are using the same technique
  • finding videos that use the DADGAD tuning
  • discovering more odd-meter tracks in a time signature like 5/4 or 7/8

Over time I’ll add at least a short explanation describing the basic meaning/definition of the tag – so you know what to look/listen for in case you are unfamiliar with that term/concept.

Note: a concept/playing technique needs to play a significant role to get tagged. It needs to be obvious. There’s no use to tag a video with “sweeping” just because of a single lick at 1:57-1:59 in the song. Except when that lick is truly epic, but in such cases I’d explain the reasons why I tagged and highlight the instance(s).

I don’t use tags for obvious defaults like “standard tuning.”